You have an idea?

You are between 12 and 26 years old and have a brilliant idea for Brussels! Not too sure where to start? Just send an e-mail to and we can meet somewhere to talk about your idea.

The step-by-step plan below already gives you the practical information about how to get your idea/project off the ground.

STEP 1: Does your idea qualify?

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STEP 2: You've got your idea but don't know where to start?

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STEP 3: Do you have all the information you need for your project application?

Click here to complete the form and submit your project.

STEP 4: The jury assesses your project application.

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STEP 5: The member of the executive will take a decision on the basis of the jury's opinion.

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STEP 6: Time to realise your project.

Click here in relation to the realisation of your project.

STEP 7: Project done and dusted? Well done!

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