STEP 5: The member of the executive will take a decision on the basis of the jury's opinion.

The member of the Executive of the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie will take a decision within 6 weeks of your project having been submitted.

 Your project has been approved:

  • We will notify you.
  • 90% of the subsidy you receive is paid in advance. The rest will be paid once we have received your project/financial report.
  • For the duration of your project you can (continue to) rely on the support of the À Fonds contact person. This person will offer you guidance and support if you need it.

Yes! Proceed to STEP 6: Time to realise your project.

Your project has been turned down:

  • We will notify you. The À Fonds contact person will give you the necessary feedback. 
  • Could you amend your project and resubmit it? The procedure is relaunched. Return to STEP 1.