STEP 4: The jury assesses your project application

Your project application has been finalised and submitted. What next? Your project is sent to the members of the À Fonds jury for their opinion.

The jury assesses each project application and also advises the Member of the Executive of the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie (Flemish Community Commission) competent for Youth, Pascal Smet. The jury in question seats at least five members involved in the field of youth work, among whom a representative of the Youth Council and at least two young people.

Who's the jury?

  • Nabil Fallah (Street Talent)
  • Frederik Lamote (Growfunding)
  • Lise Vanderpiete (Muntpunt)
  • Sara Van der Zande (JES - Big in BXL)
  • Robert Bagunda (Lowkey Radio)
  • Michaël Kashiama Ety Mafuta (Lowkey Radio)
  • Frederike Migom (2ndtotheright)
  • Brecht Theunis (Globe Aroma)
  • Art Philippeth (Vi.Be)
  • Astrid De Sterck (AB Brussels)
  • Bregt Geukens (Gemeenschapscentrum De Kriekelaar)
  • Daan Maesfrancx (JHOB - jeugdhuizen ondersteuning Brussel)
  • Eric Niyibizi Cyuzuzo (Beursschouwburg - Kunstenfestival des Arts)
  • Farah Mohamed (Lasso)
  • Gertjan De Boeck (Micromarché)
  • Ineke Le Compte (Bruzz)
  • Lana Willems (Kaaitheater)
  • Margaux Bertier (Brussels ShortfilmFestival)
  • Nora Mahammed (DeBuren)

The jury can always look for further details and, if necessary, invite you to go and clarify matters.

Proceed to STEP 5: The member of the executive will take a decision on the basis of the jury's opinion.