STEP 1: Does your idea qualify?

What À Fonds conditions does your project have to meet to qualify for subsidies?

Who are you?

  • An individual youngster between 12 and 26 years of age (or a spontaneous informal group)
  • You want to realise a project under your own steam, independent of any organisation like a club, school or company...
  • You are prepared to share experience with others

What did you have in mind?

  • A cultural, artistic, sporting, social or educational project
  • Organising something for and by youngsters
  • Something that has a connection with the Brussels-Capital Region

What does not qualify?

  • Initiatives with a commercial purpose only

When can you submit your application?

  • Projects can be submitted at any time
  • It will take 6 weeks before you'll know whether you have been given the green light for your project

Need any help?

  • We will be happy to offer any advice or assistance you may require (from the idea to the implementation stage)

À Fonds is a project subsidy line of the Flemish Community Commission. This means that both in communication and during the activity at least the Dutch language must be used. You may use other languages, but at least Dutch.

More information on the site of the VGC:

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