si g

'WAT WIL JE DAN' - a videoclip for SI-G

Cansu is 13 years old and the youngest project initiator so far. She's a rapper and would like to make a happy video clip for her new song 'Wat wil je dan'. She's been rapping since she was 9 and is practicing after school hours. She would like to show the public that girls can also make rap songs. The video will be shot in Molenbeek and she would like to involve many children in the video. WIth the clip she wants to show that Molenbeek is a community full of young talented people. 

futsal 5 blocs

5 BLOCS Futsal

A group of youngsters from the ‘5 blocs’ area wants to found an indoor soccer team. They want to stimulate other youngsters in the area to play soccer and give them the chance to play in the official competition. 

air de repos

Air de repos

Un air de Repos” is a short film made by Sarra Benyaich. The film depicts the story of a Moroccon family in the seventies, on their search for a better future. We follow their trip from Morocco to Belgium. The goal of this film is to stimulate the debate about diversity and to strenghten the social cohesion.

bookdrop bxl

Bookdrop BXL

With Bookdrop BXL, Jeanne and Rebecca want to get the city reading by 'dropping' books in different languages and with different themes on public places (metro stations, parks, bars, supermarkets,...) People who have read a book, can drop it at one of those places and share their joy with future readers. 

futsal cureghem

Futsal Cureghem

Redouan used to organise a lot of soccer tournaments in Brussels. Now, he would like to found his own soccer team on competition level for youngsters in Kuregem. With this initiative, he would like to motivate people to play sports and give an example to everyone in Brussels. 

jorez sport


Mounir and Ibrahim both live in Kuregem. They would like to found two soccer teams in the area: 1 team for youngsters between 18 and 21 years old, 1 team for people 21 and 26. They will practice twice a week and play a soccer game every sunday.



Pangaea is a short film made by 5 young 'brusseleirs'. The goal of the crew is to make people reflect on the absurdity of certain happenings in society and to question every day handlings. 

sharing dreams

Sharing Dreams

“Sharing Dreams” is a group of friends between 16 and 21 years old. They all live in the ‘5 blocs’. They find that there is a big shortage of activities for young people around there. That’s why they decided to found their own organisation, which is called “Sharing Dreams”. The goal is to organise different activities in the next months, such as a pop-up restaurant, a bingo game, a photo exhibition and cooking classes. 

street talent

Street Talent

Street Talent is a talent battle organised by a couple of youngsters from Molenbeek. With the talent battle, they want to show the public the big amount of talented people in their community. Those talents range from hiphop to rap to instrument players. The final round of 'street talent' takes place on the 9th of April in De Vaartkapoen. 

summer camp

Summer camp youth Anderlecht

Alexandre, an experienced youth worker, will organise a summer camp at the coast, especially for children and youngsters from Anderlecht. In this way, he wants to give them a chance to take a break from the city and learn more about nature. 

youth talks

Youth Talks

YouthTalks is an online discussion platform. Here, young people get the possibility to discuss about whatever topic they want: be it politics, economy, culture, music,... The platform brings pro and con arguments together in visual schemes.

Beeld Ca vient de chez nous

Ça vient de chez nous

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Brussels is full of talent. The same day on which Poppunt organizes Local Heroes, Johanna organizes the festival 'Ça vient de chez nous'.  She does this together with a number of other young people and under the auspices of  Brussels rapper G.A.N.

‘Ça vient de chez nous’ wants to shine of positive light on Brussels youth in a positive spotlight and wants to offer a scene to local young artists from different genres, disciplines, languages and origins to show their talent. The festival sets music, dance and image as a binder between different cultures, neighbourhoods and languages.

This group of young people wants to meet and gather an audience as diverse as possible. They want to put extra focus on young people who do not always have the chance to attend a concert or festival. On April 28th, the day of Local Heroes, the most talented Brussels “ket” received its award.

 'Ça vient the chez nous' took place on April 28 in GC De Maalbeek.

Affiche voorstelling 'Over Grenzen'


Thursday, 13 July 2017

Karen and Abdul want to set up a theatre project in which five refugees and five Belgians join forces to make a theatre piece together.  Abdul, 23 years old and himself a refugee with a past in the theatre world, will artistically support the work and rehearsals.  With this project, Karen and Abdul want to reduce the gap between the different cultural groups and strengthen the bond between refugees and Dutch mother tongues in an informal and relaxed way. Next to this they want to offer both the Belgians and refugees the opportunity as to develop themselves.

The premiere of the theatre piece takes place in the autumn at GC De Kroon in Sint-Agatha-Berchem.

Jongeren van Centrum West op uitstap met mensen met een beperking

Exchange project for people with a general disability

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Four young people from Centrum West want to organize an exchange project with disabled people. The aim of this project is to strengthen mutual respect and to create strong ties between the young people and the disabled people. By organizing activities and workshops, they want to get to know each other better and build up mutual confidence. The young people want to make a movie about the activities and their experiences. This project happens in collaboration with Lumina, a non profit association for youngster with a physical or mental disability.

Logo À Fonds

Fashion for girls coming out of deprived neighbourhoods

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Fatima (22), together with her sister and girlfriend, wants to organize a five-day event with fashion workshops for girls in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek.  Often they lack financial means in order to attend workshops.

At the workshops program: clothes designing, put makeup on oneself and one another, learn to master new professional haircuts.  They aim at girls between the age of 13 and 21 and want to reach a crowd as divers as possible.  The purpose of these workshops is that the girls also get to know other girls from their neighbourhood, as to gain more self-esteem and in order to stand more firm in their shoes.

Logo Freestyle O

Freestyle O - hiphop

Thursday, 13 July 2017

'Freestyle O‘ is an initiative of Martha and Farid.  It's a recurring, free event that brings together young people from Brussels and the surrounding areas through freestyle rap and dance sessions.  The participants, employees, photographers and DJs are all volunteers.  For the past two years, 'Freestyle O' took place in Allée du Kaai.

Their slogan features:  Urban expression in its purest form.  A circle.  Inspire and let yourself be inspired.



Thursday, 13 July 2017

Alexandre is a rapper and works with Kai Wen on a first music album. Their music is not typical hip hop or R & B, but ‘colorless music’. They would like to release a videoclip on their first single. Because they both adore animation and cartoons, this clip will become a kind of cartoon movie in which two ninjas will overcome all kinds of obstacles in Brussels. They pass along the Atomium, Manneken Pis, French fries stands and other typical Brussels elements.

logo Lowkey Radio

Lowkey Radio

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Michaël (23) works at Lowkey Radio, a medium that supports and promotes Brussels hiphop initiatives. Lowkey Radio has a radio program on XL Air on Monday and exists since one year now. In each broadcast there are interviews with Brussels artists and a performance. Next to the radio show, Lowkey Radio also organizes events during which Brussels artists are programmed, for example Lowkey listening Lecture in collaboration with Brussels Stuvoplus. They want to launch a website where there is room for live reporting, podcasts, interviews and livestreaming.

Foto van boksers

On est ensemble - organizing boxing lessons

Thursday, 13 July 2017

‘On est ensemble' is a project by Younes and Yassin, two professional boxers.  They want to help young people from the Cureghem quarter through thaibox, a sport they love and in which they believe. They have noticed that it also is a sport that appeals to young people from the neighbourhood.  Through the Thai box they want to convey values like respect to the young people. They want to motivate them to take up their own life.

The plan is to organize five trainings a week: three classes in Thai Boxing, combined with two cross-trainings.  During the first week, the boxing classes will be free so everyone can give it a try.

Foto's van groep dansers

Savage Clan

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Alphonse (21) is a professional dancer. He attends dance classes in Jette and also organizes hip dance lessons for youngsters in the Roodebeek Center in Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe.  In the future, he would like to open his own dance school with his own ‘company’, a group of dancers he composed by himself representing Belgium in international dance competitions.

The ‘company’ renews itself every year: every September auditions will be held. Thus, young people get the chance to join.  At the moment he is reaching young people from the entire Region with his dance classes, both from Woluwe as from Anderlecht.